Best Banquet Halls in Pune for a Grand Event – Sunny’s World

Best Banquet Halls in Pune for a Grand Event – Sunny’s World

Is marriage on your cards this year, and you’re looking out for the best wedding venues in Pune?

Are you planning for a corporate event, or a corporate conference, and searching for some unique and comprehensive banquet halls in Pune?

In either of the above cases, you must choose no one else, but Sunny’s World!

Sunny’s World doesn’t just offer banquet halls in Pune for weddings and corporate events, but delivers an unforgettable experience!

So, whether you are a group of 15-20 people, or got an event as large as 15,000 people, Sunny’s World has got a lot of exciting stuff in store for you.

Here’s more to all that Sunny’s World offers.

This blog will also give you some reasons why you must not choose a crowded venue, but a soothing and peaceful destination like Sunny’s World for your wedding or corporate event.

Sunny’s World Wedding Banquets in Pune

At Sunny’s World, there’s a range of wedding banquet halls to ensure that the resort serves every type of wedding and audience size.

  • Kohinoor: This is a 13,000 square feet large, AC banquet hall, along with a 5,200 square feet pre-function arena. The hall can accommodate from 1200 to 1500 people.
  • The Alexandrite: The Alexandrite is truly world-class, and also one of the best banquet halls in Pune for the wedding. It boasts an elegant Swiss design and a graceful high-quality wooden construction. The hall can accommodate around 100 to 300 people and is an apt choice for an international audience.
  • The Pearl: This is a 5,000 square feet, hill-top banquet hall, which can accommodate around 100 to 300 people. Besides weddings, this can also serve corporate events, product launches, etc.
  • The Opal Lawn: This is a beautiful lawn spread across the hill-top area. The capacity of the lawn ranges from an audience size of 500 to 2500 people. But, above all, the spectacular view of the valley is something that makes this place even more amazing!
  • The Arena: Arena is the largest of all! Spread across whopping 1 lakh square feet, The Arena is a square-shaped venue, coupled with a stadium, Asia’s largest human-made waterfall. It is an excellent choice for large-sized corporate events and genuinely royal weddings. Absolute grandeur!

Why Choose Sunny’s World out of other Corporate Events and Wedding Reception Venues in Pune?

Here are some reasons why you must choose none other than Sunny’s World for corporate events and weddings, and wedding receptions.

  • Sunny’s World offers a range of the best wedding venues in Pune.
  • The staff members at Sunny’s World are courteous, polite, and prompt at service.
  • The resort offers the best food and liquor options.
  • Sunny’s World is neither too far, nor too close to Pune.
  • The resort offers a breathtaking view of Pune’s growing skyline.
  • Pleasant and soothing mountainous weather.

We hope you’ve now got enough reasons and options to choose Sunny’s World as against other corporate and wedding halls in Pune.

So, visit Sunny’s World today, and book your corporate or wedding banquet hall. Or, if an immediate visit isn’t possible, call +91 9667 555 555 for more details on the best wedding halls in Pune

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