Famous Places to Visit Near Pune

Famous Places to Visit Near Pune

Located in Maharashtra, Pune is a developing city offering many places to visit. If you are new in the city and looking to explore the famous places to visit near Pune, you can search for the historical sites as it is the hub of the Maratha Empire. In addition to historical places, Pune is also known for education and is a growing IT hub.

It is a developing city with a beautiful environment and cool weather that offers visitors to enjoy the time. Several resorts, hotels and hill stations are the weekend getaways from Pune and Mumbai that offers a mesmerizing view and treat the viewers.

With a mixed culture, shopping places, and various kinds of foods, Pune offers a lot of things to do and visit.

As a complete tourist package, the city also offers nightlife and ultimate cuisine resorts with a lot of adventure and exciting activities to do. Besides enjoying in resorts like Sunny’s World, there are famous places in Pune that have scenic beauty and historical significance.


Here are some of the famous places near Pune that are must-visit for every tourist:

·        Shaniwarwada:

It is a Maratha imperial fort built in 1732, known popularly as a seat place (resident) for Peshwa Bajirao. The fort was destroyed by fire in the year 1828. The fort has 5 gates namely, Mastani Darwaza or Ali bahadur Darwaza, Khidki Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaza, and Jambhul Darwaza. It has an oldest reception royal hall carved with teak arches, teardrop pillars, trunk ceilings, flowers, glass chandeliers, polished mosaic pattern marbles floor, epic paintings of the Mahabharata and Ramayana well constructed by the artisans.

·        Sinhagad fort:

It is a hill fort one among the famous places in Pune placed 35 kms away from the city. It is located close to other forts like Rajgad, Torna, and Purandar Fort. It is an approx 2000 years old fort with caves and Kaundinya Eshwar temple known as Kondhana known for the Sinhagad battle place. It is placed in about 760 mt above the ground. The fort has 2 gates Pune and Kalyan Darwaza.

  • Parvati:

If you are looking for famous places near Pune Parvati hill is one among the other best sightseeing place that has an abundance of Flora and Fauna. It is a temple hill brought into existence by the great ruler Peshwa Bajirao. It is not exactly a trekking place, but there are more than 100 steep steps that offer a trekking experience for beginners. Peshwa museum is located closely and helps to know more about history.

·        Aga khan palace:

It is one of the best places to visit in Pune that has its own importance in Indian history. The great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, and Kasturba Gandhi were imprisoned here and Kasturba Gandhi died in 2003. The place has a spacious and beautiful lawn, with Italian arches.

Morning prayers and yearly events like independence and republic days are still held from decades regularly. It is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

·        Sunny’s World

Besides all the historical places, temples and museums like other famous places in Pune Sunny’s World is one of the beautiful resorts located near Pune and offers a lot of adventure, and different avenues. It is a real treat and also popular for its food. It has a charcoal barbeque restaurant in Pune that provides a perfect grill option. It is spread in an area of about 100 acres were beautiful lawns, artificial mountain waterfall, glass tents etc attracts the visitors.

You can plan your weekend with friends or family members and explore the best of the city. Sunnys World also offers an online booking facility

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