Sunny’s World – A place to enjoy high adventure and adrenaline sports

Sunny’s World – A place to enjoy high adventure and adrenaline sports

Are you tired of boredom and tediousness in your everyday life? We know the best way to help you escape it. A one-day adventure trip near Pune! Everyone needs a little venture in their life. Sunny’s World adventure park in Pune city has been the epitome of adventure sports in India. It has been one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Pune. Spending some quality time by yourself or with your loved ones over a weekend, at Sunny’s World adventure resort near Pune, will drive away all your gloom. With terrific activities like rappelling, zip bike, high rope courses, giant swing, and many more!

Here are some of the breathtaking adventure activities which make Sunny’s World the best adventure park in the city.

• Rappelling:

This is probably the coolest adventure sport to try here at Sunny’s World adventure park near Pune. Rappelling is one of the essential training courses for mountain climbers is now an adventure sport. Well, anything that makes your heart gushing is worth the try!

• Zip bike:

Here at Sunny’s World adventure activities in Pune; they have taken ziplining to the next level! Now you can experience riding a bike on a rope being considerably above the ground.

• High Rope Courses: This multi-challenging course will give you a glimpse of American Ninja Warriors where you have to find your way through the tough rope climbing course to the finish line. It is one of the toughest adventure activities in Sunny’s world amusement park near Pune, comprising of six different obstacles, each carried at a considerable height from the ground. It can either be performed as a team or as a solo activity.

• Rocket Ejector:

Strap yourself with some bungee ropes and shoot yourself into space! Well, at least 15 meters up in the Sunny’s World adventure activities in Pune.

• Paintball:

Are you a PUBG fan boy? Why don’t you try out real-life PUBG with your friends at paintball adventure activities in Pune? With all the safety gear provided, a hit from a paintball feels like an ant bite.

• RC Car & ATV Bike Ride:

What do you prefer? Remotely controlling a car or manually on it? They got both!

• Human Gyro:

Feel the roller coaster ride of being inside a bouncing, rolling ball. Human Gyro is one the most unique ride at Sunny’s World amusement park in Pune.

• Rifle Shooting: How about practicing your aim before hopping in the fight of paintball with your friends? Experience the backfire of shooting a real rifle.

• Bull Ride: Also known as rodeo bull is a mechanical bull that replicates the experience of riding a real-life bull!

• Mini Golf: The same rules, different challenging courses. Enjoy competing with your family and friends through unique courses of mini-golf in Sunny’s World adventure park near Pune.

And many more games to venture such as ninja course, trampoline park, net cricket, vortex tunnel, zorbing ball, and rock climbing. Sunny’s World adventure resorts near Pune are a paradise for adventure-seeking people. After all the heart throbbing, adrenal gushing, tiring activities,

Sunny’s world exotic resort, and mouth-watering foods at its world-class restaurant make sure of healthy recovery for productive adventure trips in Pune.

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