Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Venue for a Corporate Event

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Venue for a Corporate Event

Team building events are part and parcel of the corporate world but choosing a venue for one is a humongous task, to say the least!

If the responsibility of choosing a venue for a corporate event fell on your shoulders, it is natural for you to feel lost. But that won’t be the case if you closely follow the tips mentioned in the sections below!

Choose the location of the venue very carefully

Ask anyone who is closely associated with the corporate event planning sector and they will tell you to choose a venue based on the following:

  • In case of a local event, it is best to choose a venue that is located pretty close to the homes and offices of the attendees to your event
  • In case the event is going to take place at a venue that is located at a considerable distance from the homes and offices of the attendees, be sure to choose one that is popular in the market. A popular venue will be easy to reach and locate. Furthermore, while choosing an out of town venue, the best step forward is to choose one that is in proximity to rail stations and airports.

In the opinion of leading corporate event management companies in Pune, if someone is planning to reduce the chances of attendees turning up late at the event, it is best to choose a venue that is a standalone property and not a part of a larger campus. If you still choose one that is part of a larger property, be sure to choose one that is easy to navigate.

Ensure that the venue has ample parking space

Choose a venue from the list of corporate party places in Pune that boasts a huge parking space in their compound and offer complementary services like valet parking. It is best to remember that this is a corporate event which means people will be coming in from far and wide.

Furthermore, if you are planning to invite some celebrity or VIP speaker to a venue that has no parking facility, where do you think the car of the guest will be parked?

The capacity of the venue

The capacity of the typical corporate party halls in Pune is mostly for 250 people. Now, a corporate event is bound to attract more people which is why the best step forward would be to go for ones that can house more than 500 people at a time.

For instance, The Kohinoor – a corporate party hall located at Sunny’s World. It can hose anywhere between 1200 – 1500 people at any given point in time.

Do they offer food and beverages as well?

While searching for corporate banquet halls in Pune, be sure to choose one that offers food and beverages along with their advertised services. This will lift the burden of hiring a caterer from your shoulders.

To sweeten the deal, you can also ask the venue owner whether they can provide complementary services like A/V support and wireless internet if the amount you will be spending for their services is a substantial number.

Pay special attention to the overall ambience of the venue

If you are planning one or several business events in Pune you would need to pay close attention to the overall ambience of the venue. Examine firsthand the overall existing décor of the venue. What does the design and layout of the venue convey? Does it give off corporate vibes?

Furthermore, ensure that the venue has all lighting fixtures, sound systems and related systems at place. If you choose a fully loaded venue, the time required setting up the same and the costs involved to arrange for missing systems will be reduced by many folds.


Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you can also follow a few simple steps to shorten the whole process. You can always search for them on the internet and choose the one that best serves your needs. On the other hand, you can also get in touch with your local Convention & Visitors Bureau and gather information about the resorts near Pune for corporate events.

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