Rooftop restaurants in Pune

Rooftop restaurants in Pune

Well, Sunny’s World won’t be qualified for rooftop restaurants in pune. if it doesn’t have the best restaurants in Pune for dinner in it, will it? Sunny’s World’s restaurants offer the best of exotic as well as Indian cuisine. From the romantic and peaceful hilltop restaurants to buffet lunch dinner restaurant, from The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant to The Shiva Lingam Pure Veg Restaurant, it’s a delight in every sense!

Sunny’s World resort is not only known for its resort stays and adventure parks but also for their best hotels in Pune for dinner, offering diverse restaurant in its premises.

  • The Ruby: The hilltop restaurant

Sunny’s World’s The Ruby is the best hilltop restaurant in Pune. The city Pune is known for its cluttering traffic and urban crowd, where you’d find numerous family restaurants. But restaurants offering a peaceful, romantic, and soothing atmosphere are rare. This makes The Ruby one of the best restaurants in Pune for candlelight dinner. Ruby Hilltop proposes a wide array of delicacies, right from the delicious non-vegetarian food, the mouth-watering seafood, to the spicy and irresistible Punjabi, Chinese, and exotic food, complemented with a wide choice of the best quality liquor.

  • The Charcoal: Barbeque restaurant in Pune

Imagine driving up the hill against the soothing cool breeze and enjoying the hot delicious barbeque in Sunny World’s The Charcoal barbeque restaurant. But why to choose The Charcoal barbeque restaurant? Sure, there are plenty of barbeque restaurants in the core city. But have you ever heard of hilltop barbeque restaurants with a fantastic view of the Pune skyline? Not only barbeque, but Sunny’s Charcoal is the rooftop restaurants in pune. It is sufficiently away from Pune’s urban city noise. So, you’d feel the peace in the air and can relax yourself out with friends and family in one of the best dinner places in Pune.

  • The Shiv Lingam: Veg restaurant in Pune

Pune is home to many fancy and decorated restaurants in India. Even the highest-rated restaurants would turn disinteresting, and monotonous regardless of the food quality and the services offered. Sunny’s The Shiv Lingam is one of the top 10 restaurants in Pune (veg) offering a wide range of heavenly delicacies including Chinese, Punjabi, authentic Maharashtrian food, continental, and many more. The restaurant also serves a variety of liquor, as of course, alcohol is practically pure veg in nature. The Shiv Lingam is one of the extraordinarily rooftop restaurants in pune for vegetarians.

  • Buffet Lunch in Pune

This trendy, comfortable, and multifunctional modern restaurant equipped with elegance and technology is optimal for introducing a buffet dinner in Pune for any occasion. Here you have the comfort to choose or create the menu as per your preference with our chef’s opinion. Our organization can help you customize a package of schemes and benefits, especially for you, catering to your demands. Excellent maintenance and innovation delicacies will show you the refined experience of Sunny’s World, which will constitute a mind-map on your memories.

Say goodbye to all your weekday stress and strain by planning a weekend getaway at the best picnic resort near Pune, which is also home to restaurants of the highest quality, specializing in a myriad of cuisines all around the world.

Sunny’s World is not just an excellent place for people seeking adventure and relaxation, but also a phenomenal spot for food enthusiasts as well, making it among the top 5 restaurants in Pune.

Whether it’s fun rendezvous with your coworkers, a romantic break with your significant other, or just the classic pleasurable picnic with the entire family, Sunny’s World promises you an extraordinary time.

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